Monday, December 13, 2010

Written in the Stars

My horoscope today in the Chronical was spot on: LIBRA September 22-October 22 - There's no denying that 2010 has been a wild and crazy year. What's weird is how it's all starting to make a strange kind of sense.

I began 2011 sitting on my sister's couch playing Sex and City Trivia (it was a close game) while in hiding from my stalker ex-boyfriend who I had dumped for the fourth time two weeks prior. Christmas last year was tough to get through and I ended the night drinking too much and sleeping on my sister's couch. I had no idea where 2010 would lead. Looking back its been just that, "a wild and crazy year". This year I've:

-Moved to the City (twice)
-Met new friends
-Changed jobs within the same company
-Learned my way around San Francisco
-Gone Car-less for the first time since I was 18
-Developed much better taste in music
-Joined a book club
-Seen at least one live concert a month
-Strengthened long-time friendships and fostered new ones
-Watch the Giants become World Series Champions
-Started a Supper Club which consists of only 1 out of 10 women I knew prior to last year
-Lost four pounds and gained it back
-Went on a fabulous Mexican vacation
-Discovered how much I love going to the theatre again
-Travelled the Country for work and attended amazing events (on the field at Wrigley!)
-Completely lost myself
-Finally Found myself

I think this has been my biggest year of change yet and I think when I look back on it - I will count it as one of my best. Can't wait to see what next year has in store.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just a Remindeer to All the Single Ladies

It has come to my attention lately how good my life is going. Hate to say that, as I may jinx it but seeing I only have three maybe four readers at most I'm sure its okay. I'm not trying to brag but as my Birthday is literally around the corner I'm in a bit of retrospective mood in regard to the past year.

You see recently I met a guy and in no way is he THE one (don't get too excited people) but it made me realize that this time, right now, won't last forever. Right now, I do whatever I want, whenever I want and I don't have to check in with anyone. If I want to go out 6 out of 7 nights during the week: wine with the girls, Giants Game, Concerts, what have you, and then lay around on Saturday watching Hills reruns and eating take-out Chinese, there is no one there to object (or judge).

The dirty dishes in the sink? Mine. The socks on the floor? Mine. The girly decor? All mine. So, when I met the guy, it dawned on me; right now, could be, the last time my life is literally ALL ABOUT ME! No husband, no kids, no turtles, dogs, rabbits. Just me, doing whatever the hell I want, with whoever, whenever I choose..

In summary, I'm not saying the guy is Mr. Right (he may be ruled out tonight at the mandatory 2nd date bowling excursion) but it made me realize that HE could be coming and since I know I want to eventually settle down, maybe have kids, turtles, a dog, BBQs in the backyard, other people's socks on my floor, I better enjoy my ME time now. Because I have a feeling I'm going to look back on this time when I'm living in a house in the 'burbs worrying about soccer practice, packing lunches and paying the mortgage and say, "Damn you, you ungrateful bitch, I'd give anything to watch a Hills marathon in peace and quiet right now".

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

As Tom Petty Would Say....

The Waiting is the hardest part.

Everybody needs a tune up every now and then and I've found psychics are a lot cheaper then therapists. I found Joyce, my psychic advisor on Yelp and after being persuaded by her many happy reviews decided to go see her. Just to get a little insight into the Cosmos per se. In a nutshell? Joyce told me I was in a down period, a funk, a little off of my usual self. Then she threw in that this down period would last until March 25th.

Hold on....wait.....did she say March 25th? As in 2011, March 25th? That March 25th? Yes, yes she did. Thanks a lot Joyce.

With those words, Joyce destined me to a long cold Summer, Fall AND Winter. Giving me the sage advice to, "treat this time as if you are planting bulbs that will bloom in Spring." Great, that's a lot of fun, I hate gardening and I especially hate waiting for things to grow. I'm more of a salad bar gal, I like everything to be laid out already grown. A funk I can deal with, for two weeks, maybe a month - but Joyce is predicting an 8 month funk!

So, what is a single City girl to do? Well, after a short period of doom and gloom and a little advice from the ever knowing and wise Matthew McConeghy via my Sister (Just Keep Livin' L.I.V.I.N), I picked myself up off the couch, shut off Bravo TV re-runs and hit the gym - thankfully they have TVs there too so I was able to not miss a minute of those white trash housewives in New Jersey.

Sooner then later the fun work trips started piling up. VIP in Vegas, on the field at Wrigley, Limo service in D.C. and all on someone else's dime. Things were looking up. Then all of the sudden I was feeling more myself again. No more doom and gloom just a love of the single life. The ability to go where I want, when I want and with who I want.

Just this past weekend - I had a wonderful time watching the Giants beat the Dodgers with my brother in law, meeting some girlfriends and doing some flirting with the boys at the bars, dancing to bad pop music with some good friends and going on what could potentially be a promising date with a Sunday suitor.

Oh and I'm happy to report my waistline is thriving from this "down time" as well - with my new found passion for pilates, running and weight lifting I'm down 4 pounds. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Joyce.

To sum it up - when your psychic gives you some bad news, remember it is all a state of mind. You can have fun while planting bulbs, even if you are a terrible gardener. I mean at least you are in the fresh air right, and the sun is shining? Maybe you will at least get a tan. Probably not if you live in San Francisco but pretty much anywhere else in the world you will.

Oh and you best believe I have March 25th marked on my calendar in red pen and if something AMAZING doesn't happen on that day then I'm hunting down Joyce and demanding a full refund. Hopefully her psychic insight gives her the ability to see me running full tilt at her from behind. Or maybe her spirit guides will warn her. I guess we shall see.

Monday, July 12, 2010

An Urban Wedding

There must be something in the water at work because in the past six months over half of the people who sit in my general area have been either engaged or married. Literally some two at a time, like a Brady girls double wedding. All of this wedded bliss lead to my first urban wedding experience. That's right, first one attended in the City. Weird since I grew up here but Peninsula weddings stick to themselves and seem to want nothing to do with the City wedding riff-raff to the north.

The day started out with a group of us meeting up at a bar on the edge of the Presidio Gates. Since our friends Erin and Greg (no, not a gay couple, even though it is San Francisco) were tying the knot at the Presidio Chapel followed by a reception at the Flood Mansion we figured it would be a great spot to have a beer and enjoy the sunshine prior to the ceremony. One small problem...cabs don't seem to come to the Presidio and if they do they are full. At 4.15 we started to look for a cab to get us to the 5.00 ceremony. At 4:30 we started calling taxis. At 4.45 we started to worry. At 10 till I saw my friend negotiating with the driver of a windowless van. A few minutes later we were all piled into the back of the seatless van in our wedding finery.

As my friend played the "A-Team" theme on his phone our driver expertly careened through the turns of the Presidio and deposited us on the Chapel steps just in time to be seated. Stay Classy San Francisco.

The ceremony was short (under 15 minutes) and very sweet. And with the breaking of the glass and a kiss Mr. and Mrs. were headed out of the Chapel for photos and the guests were shuttled on a tour bus to the Flood Mansion in Pacific Heights. Of course due to bathroom breaks and other delays our group missed the damn bus. Luckily we were able to hitch a ride with the groom's Aunt and rode on laps to the Flood Mansion.

The reception included dinner and dancing amongst the speeches and other traditions. It was all very tasteful and fun and the view was fantastic. Some of my favorite touches were: a basket of Pashmina shawls offered to the ladies during the outdoor cocktail hour prior to dinner, candy room filled with all different kinds of candy, the band was rocking and the view was unmatched. All in all a wonderful evening. Mazel Tov Mr. & Mrs. Ivry!

Friday, June 25, 2010

My Favorite SF Music Venue

Top 10 Reasons I Love the Fillmore

10. They still have a greeter who welcomes each guest with "Welcome to the Fillmore" and he can point out where the ATM is so you can get cash to pay for your $12 beer.

9. The bowl of the most delicious apples at the front door. They are free, you can take one. Oh but word to the wise you know its going to be a rowdy show if the apples aren't there, lesson learned apples + punk rock fans = Trouble!

8. Chandeliers and red velvet curtains - so classy.

7. That it is perfectly okay to spark up a joint but light a cigarette and you get tackled.

6. The fact that every band I've ever seen play at the Fillmore puts on their best show. They are honored to be a part of history, it is sacred ground.

5. Fillmore Posters - the very best thing! Where else can you go to a concert and walk out with a free original souvenir? A great memory of a wonderful evening.

4. I can walk there from my house.

3. The huge poster of Bill Graham on the way out. He was the one, after all, that started it all.

2. Best sound and lights in a small venue. They really do an amazing job - rock show all the way.

1. Fantastic lineups - they never let you down. From huge acts to up and comers, the Fillmore will never disappoint. If you can't find music you like at the Fillmore, then you don't like music.

Friday, June 11, 2010

A Sappy Post

To be quite honest I think the reason I haven’t been blogging as much is I’m finally settling in to living in the Big City. My new apartment is fantastic, thanks to the keen decorating skills of my Sister. I joined the gym down the street which is walkable to my house (which is the only reason I go). I just signed up for Pilates (so Jennifer Aniston of me, I know). I found a fantastic four mile walking route which takes me from my house in Pacific Heights through the Presidio to Inspiration Point. Here is a picture of the view from there, not too shabby…

My favorite part of this walk besides the beautiful views is I think my IPod is a bit enchanted, while on shuffle every time I get to Inspiration Point…boom a Grateful Dead song comes on. Weird but totally awesome and fitting!

I’ve also joined a book club currently reading, “The Sweet Life In Paris” by David Lebovitz (which is as yummy as it sounds), picked up a class through SF State Extended Learning, met enough new friends to fill my “Grown-Up” studio, figured out neighborhoods and how to get there sans car, stumbled on some fabulous new restaurants, shops and bars, reconnected with old friends, participated in a monthly volunteer project in different parts of the City (the third project this weekend, Landscaping at the MOMA), and gone on countless blind dates. Oh, and I’m kicking ass at work.

Six months ago I was pulling my drunk boyfriend out of bars, while spending money, time and energy to take care of him and his kids and crying myself to sleep wishing I had more in my life. I was living my life for someone else and I had no idea who I was or what made me happy. Now, sometimes it feels like I almost have too much. When I chose to stay at home on a Friday night it’s out of exhaustion not depression.
When I first moved to the City I was literally over-booking myself because I was going through a break-up and even when you break-up with someone who isn't good for you, you still mourn the loss. I hit the bars six nights a week and I won't lie, it was fun and freeing. Mostly after always being "the responsible one" in my past relationship. I think I felt like I never was the one who got to kick up her heels. Now I was. But, bars get tiring and I started to realize over time that I wanted to discover who I was and add things to my life that made me feel authentically good from the inside out.

So, for all of you out there who think change is hard, you are 100% right, it is but it is also SO worth it. In the past six months I’ve changed almost everything in my life, where I live, friends, activities, relationship status and I’ve never felt better…ever. I think I will look back on this time in my life as a rebirth. I’ve never felt more satisfied with who I am. I’m finally doing things for me and enjoying it. I can truly say I’m quite happy right now and it feels great!

Friday, May 7, 2010

I love Craigslist

Being from the Bay Area originally I feel like I was "in the know" about Craigslist way before the rest of the Country. Okay, I know that probably isn't true, I'm not that cool, but it sure felt like that when I lived in Omaha.

Craigslist was founded in 1995 (the year I graduated high school), by Craig Newmark - San Francisco resident. I remember when they would open up new markets and it would be exciting. You felt like you were in on some special group. Now, that group is a mega force of free online classifieds serving 20 billion (with a "B") impressions per month. To put it simply Craigslist is the 11th most visited website in the United States. Pretty good for a Company which has only 32 employees.

In my lifetime I've found most of my apartments, jobs and furniture on Craigslist. I joked the other day that I'm thinking about putting up an ad for a husband! I wanted to share some serendipity I've experienced on Craigslist lately which has made me love the site even more.

Since moving into my new apartment I've decided I'm no longer going to feature any "college-like furniture" i.e IKEA bookshelves, side tables from Target etc. I'm an adult and I want my apartment to reflect that. But, I don't have thousands of dollars to go out and buy new fancy adult like furniture so I turn to my old pal....Craigslist.

My first purchase only a couple weeks ago was a bed side table. After sifting through the IKEA castoffs I found the perfect table. Small, unique, distressed, great shape - Perfect! Living in the City sans car makes it difficult to move furniture so I was happy when I saw in the Post that the seller lived in my neighborhood. When I probed her as to where exactly, it turns out she was right across the street from my apartment! Small world right? This made the move rather simple.

I've also been on the hunt for a the perfect grown up coffee table. After a rather exhaustive search I came across this listing:What a deal! Cute AND two for the price of one! I jumped on it. When I showed up to the building to pick up the tables I felt it was oddly familiar. Then I figured out why. The girl I'd gone to drinks with the week prior that I hadn't seen in 15 years since we graduated high school, well - she lived there. Yep, a three unit building and my Junior High Friend's neighbor was the one selling the cute tables at the great price. Definitely a small world! The best part? Since I couldn't fit the tables in a cab (which was my original plan) Caryn offered to give me a ride. Sometimes life just works out!

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