Tuesday, August 3, 2010

As Tom Petty Would Say....

The Waiting is the hardest part.

Everybody needs a tune up every now and then and I've found psychics are a lot cheaper then therapists. I found Joyce, my psychic advisor on Yelp and after being persuaded by her many happy reviews decided to go see her. Just to get a little insight into the Cosmos per se. In a nutshell? Joyce told me I was in a down period, a funk, a little off of my usual self. Then she threw in that this down period would last until March 25th.

Hold on....wait.....did she say March 25th? As in 2011, March 25th? That March 25th? Yes, yes she did. Thanks a lot Joyce.

With those words, Joyce destined me to a long cold Summer, Fall AND Winter. Giving me the sage advice to, "treat this time as if you are planting bulbs that will bloom in Spring." Great, that's a lot of fun, I hate gardening and I especially hate waiting for things to grow. I'm more of a salad bar gal, I like everything to be laid out already grown. A funk I can deal with, for two weeks, maybe a month - but Joyce is predicting an 8 month funk!

So, what is a single City girl to do? Well, after a short period of doom and gloom and a little advice from the ever knowing and wise Matthew McConeghy via my Sister (Just Keep Livin' L.I.V.I.N), I picked myself up off the couch, shut off Bravo TV re-runs and hit the gym - thankfully they have TVs there too so I was able to not miss a minute of those white trash housewives in New Jersey.

Sooner then later the fun work trips started piling up. VIP in Vegas, on the field at Wrigley, Limo service in D.C. and all on someone else's dime. Things were looking up. Then all of the sudden I was feeling more myself again. No more doom and gloom just a love of the single life. The ability to go where I want, when I want and with who I want.

Just this past weekend - I had a wonderful time watching the Giants beat the Dodgers with my brother in law, meeting some girlfriends and doing some flirting with the boys at the bars, dancing to bad pop music with some good friends and going on what could potentially be a promising date with a Sunday suitor.

Oh and I'm happy to report my waistline is thriving from this "down time" as well - with my new found passion for pilates, running and weight lifting I'm down 4 pounds. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Joyce.

To sum it up - when your psychic gives you some bad news, remember it is all a state of mind. You can have fun while planting bulbs, even if you are a terrible gardener. I mean at least you are in the fresh air right, and the sun is shining? Maybe you will at least get a tan. Probably not if you live in San Francisco but pretty much anywhere else in the world you will.

Oh and you best believe I have March 25th marked on my calendar in red pen and if something AMAZING doesn't happen on that day then I'm hunting down Joyce and demanding a full refund. Hopefully her psychic insight gives her the ability to see me running full tilt at her from behind. Or maybe her spirit guides will warn her. I guess we shall see.

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