Monday, July 12, 2010

An Urban Wedding

There must be something in the water at work because in the past six months over half of the people who sit in my general area have been either engaged or married. Literally some two at a time, like a Brady girls double wedding. All of this wedded bliss lead to my first urban wedding experience. That's right, first one attended in the City. Weird since I grew up here but Peninsula weddings stick to themselves and seem to want nothing to do with the City wedding riff-raff to the north.

The day started out with a group of us meeting up at a bar on the edge of the Presidio Gates. Since our friends Erin and Greg (no, not a gay couple, even though it is San Francisco) were tying the knot at the Presidio Chapel followed by a reception at the Flood Mansion we figured it would be a great spot to have a beer and enjoy the sunshine prior to the ceremony. One small problem...cabs don't seem to come to the Presidio and if they do they are full. At 4.15 we started to look for a cab to get us to the 5.00 ceremony. At 4:30 we started calling taxis. At 4.45 we started to worry. At 10 till I saw my friend negotiating with the driver of a windowless van. A few minutes later we were all piled into the back of the seatless van in our wedding finery.

As my friend played the "A-Team" theme on his phone our driver expertly careened through the turns of the Presidio and deposited us on the Chapel steps just in time to be seated. Stay Classy San Francisco.

The ceremony was short (under 15 minutes) and very sweet. And with the breaking of the glass and a kiss Mr. and Mrs. were headed out of the Chapel for photos and the guests were shuttled on a tour bus to the Flood Mansion in Pacific Heights. Of course due to bathroom breaks and other delays our group missed the damn bus. Luckily we were able to hitch a ride with the groom's Aunt and rode on laps to the Flood Mansion.

The reception included dinner and dancing amongst the speeches and other traditions. It was all very tasteful and fun and the view was fantastic. Some of my favorite touches were: a basket of Pashmina shawls offered to the ladies during the outdoor cocktail hour prior to dinner, candy room filled with all different kinds of candy, the band was rocking and the view was unmatched. All in all a wonderful evening. Mazel Tov Mr. & Mrs. Ivry!

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