Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's Official

My first night in my new place! I'm so excited to get settled and get CITYFIED! Thank you to all who helped me with the big, isn't moving a pain? The reward of course is a fresh start. I threw out all the old junk probably more then I should have according to my wise old Dad. As the minute I got here I figured out, "Wow, it would have been nice to have that shoe rack right now." Lesson learned.

So a recap of my first official night as a San Franciscan. With a little help from Sis we schlepped my stuff up the two flights of stairs and settled in by popping a bottle of bubbly. Then we headed to the deli up the street for a bit of take-out. Right off the bat, the deli is my new favorite hang! The best part - single sized servings. In the 'burbs everything is VALUE SIZE this and FAMILY SIZE that which makes for a lot of waste when it comes to the single girl. In the City - the cheese, the crackers, the champagne, everything in nice single sized servings. Its like the City is saying, "Go ahead have a couple glasses of wine, you deserve it!" Don't mind if I do San Francisco, don't mind it I do!

Tomorrow is my first day of City bus commuting experience, which reminds me...I better figure out where to catch that bus! This should be interesting.

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