Friday, June 25, 2010

My Favorite SF Music Venue

Top 10 Reasons I Love the Fillmore

10. They still have a greeter who welcomes each guest with "Welcome to the Fillmore" and he can point out where the ATM is so you can get cash to pay for your $12 beer.

9. The bowl of the most delicious apples at the front door. They are free, you can take one. Oh but word to the wise you know its going to be a rowdy show if the apples aren't there, lesson learned apples + punk rock fans = Trouble!

8. Chandeliers and red velvet curtains - so classy.

7. That it is perfectly okay to spark up a joint but light a cigarette and you get tackled.

6. The fact that every band I've ever seen play at the Fillmore puts on their best show. They are honored to be a part of history, it is sacred ground.

5. Fillmore Posters - the very best thing! Where else can you go to a concert and walk out with a free original souvenir? A great memory of a wonderful evening.

4. I can walk there from my house.

3. The huge poster of Bill Graham on the way out. He was the one, after all, that started it all.

2. Best sound and lights in a small venue. They really do an amazing job - rock show all the way.

1. Fantastic lineups - they never let you down. From huge acts to up and comers, the Fillmore will never disappoint. If you can't find music you like at the Fillmore, then you don't like music.

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