Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy Life.

Whew - what a great weekend! I kind of need a weekend from my weekend! But, after the big move last week it was nice to just have a weekend to enjoy the City. Oh and I finally got CABLE! Thank God!! Albeit, I am going to have to try to measure my intake. I do enjoy getting out and about and as I found out Friday night it is easy to lose all motivation and get completely sucked into the sofa.

Saturday morning we volunteered at Glide (now my second time). Spent a couple hours making ham sandwiches which are given to hungry SF folks in bag lunches. This group of people was put together by a co-worker's friend and this is my second event with them. They monthly volunteer somewhere in the City. We had quite a good sized group about 15 people. I thought it was a very cool way to spend a Saturday morning. On the way home I lolly-gagged popping in and out of shops and hit up the Farmer's Market on Fillmore for some fresh fruit and veggies. Another great way to spend a Saturday morning!

Saturday night I went with a group of friends to check out Live Roller Derby at Kezar Stadium. Kezar is actually the first stadium of the San Francisco 49ers and it looks like a High School Gym. The Bay City Bombers sport a girls and a guys team Roller Derby team. It was fun even if it was pretty staged. Kind of like WWF on Skates.

Sunday was my type of day. Brunch with a friend in Lower Haight then a stroll to the shops followed by a couple hours digging for treasures in the thrift stores. The Haight is funny because you still see the vagabonds playing Joplin songs on the sidewalks but it is such a different vibe from yore'. Not that I was there, but I can just imagine what it was like in the 60's.

I finished off the weekend with some live music at Yoshi's Singer Songwriters night. My friend Whitney Nichole performed her original material and was fantastic! All in all a perfect end to a wonderful weekend!

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