Monday, February 22, 2010

The Marina Lives Up to Its Reputation

I apologize friends, today I've had two very loyal readers complain in regard to my lack of consistency. I do have to admit, keeping up with the blog has been tough mostly because I've been trying to keep up with my life but, I promise to do better. So, here goes....

The Marina is full of douchebags (see visual aid above) - this is the place that most everyone I know and love who lives in the City pretty much avoids like the plague. Don't get me wrong, I have some friends who live and or lived in the Marina whom I love, but most of them happen to be mid to late 30 something men, go figure. I've figured out that the most L.A. part of San Francisco is the Marina, and not in a complimentary way.

A few weekends ago my sisters and I ended up in the Marina after a few greyhounds at the Lion's Pub and actually had a good time of it. I realize now that I was falsely swayed into believing that the Marina was not as bad as it was made it out to be, not the hell hole of self absorption that so many label it. The rumors of d-bags reeking havoc and moronic scantily clad women were all over exaggerated and couldn't be true. Wrong my friends - oh so WRONG. We happened to be there over President's weekend when all the Marina so and so's were hanging at Mommy and Daddy's Tahoe ski cabins. This past weekend I was able to see the neighborhood's true colors when I returned with my friends who were up visiting from the Peninsula - and it was a very different and bleak story.

My takeaways from the evening in the neighborhood I've now deemed, "The Jersey Shore of San Francisco"

1. I'm not 23 and even when I was, I wasn't that much of an idiot.
2. I don't care what college you went to, and in fact after listening to you talk for five seconds I'm pretty sure you didn't go to *insert college here* because you are having a hard time stringing a sentence together much less a Bachelors degree.
3. Is that a V-neck sweatshirt you are wearing? I didn't even know they made those - oh you made it yourself, makes perfect sense.
4. Nothing like yuppies singing "Sweet Caroline" at Mel's Drive In drunk at 2 am on a Saturday. Seriously were they filming a movie or something? The cheese factor of this experience almost put me over the edge. I actually felt sorry for the restaurant staff.

Do you need more evidence? If so, check out these voice-mail messages left from a real, true blue Marina D-Bag. It truly speaks for itself. Enjoy.

Never again. I'm much happier hanging in a bar like Fly on Divisadero, which is much more up my alley. That is the best thing about City living, figuring out which neighborhood fits you, and which don't. Although I haven't quite figured out which SF neighborhood says, "Me", I know I can cross one of them off the list, only 99 to go.

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