Sunday, February 28, 2010

One Month Anniversary!

Can you believe its been a month since I moved to the City? I can't, but my bank account can. It's gone by so quickly and been so much fun! Two more months in the sublet then its time to find a permanent home. Which should be interesting.

This weekend has been so much fun. I have to say living up the street from Crossroads, the local 2nd hand store doesn't suck. I got a BCBG and a Marc Jacobs shirt this weekend for under $50 bucks on Saturday! My wardrobe will definitely benefit from the proximity. I followed my successful shopping trip with the BEST Ramen I've ever had in Japantown at a place called Bushi Tei. Hmmm just thinking about that soup makes my mouth water.

Last night I met some girlfriends for dinner at The Cigar Bar downtown. The dinner and conversation was fun, but the food left a lot to be desired mostly because it is so overpriced for what it is. I think people love this place because in San Francisco you really can't smoke anywhere but you can here, and they love it. Following The Cigar Bar we headed to the Mission for some drinking and debauchery. The Mission is one of my favorite neighborhoods to visit. I wouldn't want to live there - a little too City for this Peninsula Princess but I do love to visit. Tons of great bars and cute boys abound. It is much more of a hipster scene then a douchebag yuppie scene and I can get down with that. After hanging out at Casanova we finished the night with Burritos at a nearby taqueria and by the time the cab dropped me if it was 3 am! I don't think I've done that since college.

Today, after getting some rest and hauling my butt to the laundromat for a much needed spin cycle, I had brunch with a friend at Crepes n' Coffee on Divisidero and then we walked over the hill from Pacific Heights down to Crissy Fields, the scene of many a movie and most recently where that girl Ali from The Bachelor ruined her grey boots by running around in the water - WTH?. It was a beautiful day in the City and it was nice to get out and about down by the water. It is amazing how small San Francisco seems. I'm sure after walking all of those hills I will feel it in the morning.

Tomorrow is March 1 and the first day of my reigning it in plan - I just can't keep up this breakneck pace, even though it has been so much fun, my pocketbook and my age are begging me to slow it down. Maybe only three nights out next week instead of six....we'll see!

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  1. Ali, you would love the laundromat on Magazine st....the Buddha Belly! Doing your laundry at a BAR!



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