Friday, February 12, 2010

Party Like A Rockstar!

Holy Hangover Batman, courtesy of Lion Pub aka The Lions Den, my new favorite dive bar within a four block radius of my house. I fell in love with the place the minute I walked in the door. Cocktails made with fresh squeezed juice, a cheese and cracker bar they replenish throughout the night. Who could ask for more? I went here Wednesday night and it made for a pretty rough Thursday hence the lack of post yesterday.

This 3-Day weekend is chocked full of excitement. Tomorrow I'm viewing the Cartier Exhibit at the Legion of Honor followed by a birthday dinner with my Sisters at Dosa and a night out on the Town with friends on Sunday in celebration of "Single Awareness Day" aka Valentine's Day.

The best part of my weekend is starting in about 10 minutes with a HH after work. Big ups to Alli for planning it for me as a welcome to the big Cit-AY. Happy Hour at Harrington's + Harry's. Harry's is within stumbling distance to home! Can't wait. As we speak I'm doing some stretches and stocking up on Advil getting ready for a big weekend of FUN! Get your game faces on folks it is going to be a wild one. I promise a full weekend re-cap coming to you on Monday.

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