Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

Its been raining like cats and dogs in the City this week which is not good for my shoes or my hair in any way. The City is a whole different beast in the rain. Buses run slower and are more crowded (if that's even possible), people are grumpier and as I found out last night while I stood in a puddle with a broken $5 umbrella cabbies don't seem to see you even when you are waving like a mad-woman.

Despite the rain it has been a fun and productive week. I've found the best thing about not having TV is that it does force you to get out and about. For example on Sunday, even though it was pouring rain, I picked up my umbrella, put on my boots and headed downtown for what else, shopping! Those of you who know me know that when I'm left to my own devices I will always end up shopping.

The trip was a success as I found a really adorable shirt on sale for $10 at Anthropologie my favorite "chain" boutique. I followed up my success with a celebratory movie...Dear John. I figured this would be a cute, girlie movie (ala "The Notebook") but it was, hands down, HORRIBLE. Three people walked out within a half an hour. I suffered through it but it was difficult.

Monday night I said goodbye to my girl Kat who had been in town for work with a scrumptious dinner at Woodhouse Fish Co on Fillmore. This dinner was absolutely delicious! We shared the scallops with mashed sweet potatoes and an artichoke stuffed with crab AND shrimp. For the portion size and the quality of the food the prices were pretty reasonable. This place will definitely go in my restaurant rotation.

Tonight I'm off to Best Buy to buy a TV. Don't worry I won't have cable to go with the new TV, I will still get out and about and make sure to report back, it will just be easier to watch a movie when I get home.

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