Sunday, February 7, 2010

Shop 'Til You Drop

Today I figured out that San Francisco is pretty small for a big City. What better excuse then shopping to get out and about on a beautiful Sunday in SF? After a lazy morning, I made the choice to head over to Union Street to find some "comfortable" flats. I quoted "comfortable" because as you ladies know unless you break down and wear tennis shoes (which I might have to do with all this walking) it is hard to find a cute and comfortable shoe. I always error on the side of cute myself and I have the blisters to prove it.

Anyway, I hopped on the #22, braved the small dogs, Lulu Lemon sweatsuits and Frat boys swilling Bloody Marys at Perry's to venture to the Marina in search of the perfect shoe. I'm happy to say I survived and even liked Union Street, which is full of cafes, cute little boutiques mixed in with some Chain stores. All in all a great place to stroll, shop and people watch.

After finding the perfect shoe (just not in my size), I was headed up to Cole Valley anyway to watch the Super Bowl at my friend's house and since Cole Valley is oh so close to the Haight I decided to do a little more shopping prior to kick-off.

I love the Haight and I'm pretty comfortable there as this is the place we've been coming to since High School. The Haight is where 'Burbs kids go to go Thrift Storing, get something pierced or tattooed and score weed. Not that I've done any of those things there - well the Thrift Storing I can cop to. Cole Valley sits right above the Haight on the hill. It is such a darling little neighborhood filled with beautiful tree lined streets but due to the steep incline of the hill connecting it to the Haight, it is close to but well out of the fray. I like Cole Valley, its quiet and serene but a little removed from the core of the City for me.

I've found walking to be a great way to see the City. I can feel my butt shaping up. And getting into shape isn't the only benefit to all this walking, you get to admire the very cool and unique architecture in SF and stumble across all sorts of great coffee houses, restaurants and shops. I must've taken thirty mental notes about places I wanted to go back to that would be perfect to just lounge around on a sunny day and sip a latte or brunch with friends. That is the great thing about living here it seems everyone is my age, doing what I'm doing. After living in the 'Burbs where my weekends usually consisted of Target runs and running into people from High School at the same three boring bars, the density of things to do here and places to go and people to meet is a wonderful and refreshing change.

Having the privilege to wander around shopping and drinking coffee is pretty cool and it was a great way to end my first official week in the City. I have to say I'm pretty impressed with how much I was able to pack in. I'm looking forward to a new week of adventures coming up and I'm trying to hold on to the sense of wonderment and excitement I have about being here. I can really say this has been one of the most exciting weeks I have had in a while. I love discovering all this new stuff and being able to walk to it! I love being at the center of all the action and meeting new people every day. So, cheers to week one - I feel I'm well on my way to being Cityfied! Can't wait to see what week 2 has to offer.

Oh, one more note in regard to last night. I went to the much talked about Kabuki Theatre to see Crazy Heart (which was awesome by the way, I mean so good that you should run out and see it right now....seriously, why are you still sitting there? GO!) The movie ticket? $14. FOURTEEN DOLLARS! Highway robbery. Small popcorn plus bottle of water? $8.25. And what did I get for my $23 dollar evening, you ask? A bad assigned seat and a rat running up the aisle when the lights went down. Boo on the Kabuki - I don't care if you can drink in the balcony, I'd rather pay $10 and see a movie downtown at the Embarcadero. Okay, I'm done with my rant. One more thing I had to throw in just for my Sis - a guy just drove by my apartment blasting the classic 1987 INXS song Your One of My Kind - you just gotta love City living!

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  1. I LOVED that song..r.i.p Michael Hutchinson :) xxkp



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