Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Lips Are Sealed

Okay, okay I've been shirking my blogging duties, I blame it all on the fresh Greyhounds at Lions Pub, but I'm back so stop your whining! Truth be told I've been recovering from my crazy, exciting, wonderful weekend. I did however make a rule with my sisters that what happens in San Francisco stays in San Francisco and doesn't end up on the Blog soooo I can't give you too many details in regard to Saturday Night. I can say after a lovely dinner we ended up at the Hi-Fi in the Marina. Yes, there was dancing. Enough said. The Hi-Fi kind of reminded me of a cooler version of the 'Burbs attempt at a fun club with booze and dancing, the Carlos Club, which is why I'm bringing my 'Burbs girls (who I lovingly refer to as my "Bridge and Tunnel Crew") who are coming up this weekend there after some Mexican food at La Barca. Woot Woot - someone better call Betty Ford because after a month in this town I think I'm going to need to check in! But with all the money I'm spending, I hope they have a scholarship program because I can't afford to pay. Just kidding Mom and Dad.

I spent Valentine's Day with the City and just wandered around. I had a chance to stroll along Polk Street and check out Russian Hill, which I liked a lot. I may end up living there for the simple fact that the rents in Pacific Heights are pretty high right now and my sublet runs out on April 30th. But, Russian Hill is a fantastic alternative full of fun places to check out, Green's Sports Bar and Nick's Crispy Tacos come to mind. We will see.

Tonight I'm excited to try out Pizzeria Delfina which happens to be on my block with one of my favorite people who happens to be in town from Seattle. I picked this place for a few reasons, 1) It is always packed, 2) the pizza looks ridiculously good, 3) Wine corkage only $15 ;) Bring it on!

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